Part B

Guidelines for DNA Sequencing Performed by DSL Staff

First time users are to read the guideline thoroughly before sending their samples.

Please note: DSL staff has the right to refuse samples that do not follow any of the guidelines listed below.

    1.   Booking

Day of run: every Wednesday (subjected to change).

Authorized users:

Undergraduates (Honours, UROPS and etc.), graduates, staff and PIs of the Department of Biological Sciences. Each user must have an associated PI laboratory.

Booking periods:

Users may start booking at a maximum of 7 days in advance.

Priority & Usage limits:

Total capacity: 192 samples per run.
Each PI laboratory group will be allowed a maximum of 32 samples per run.
All samples will be processed on the day of submission. No samples will be stored at any time by DSL.
Priority is based on first-come-first-served basis.

These rules are subject to change depending on the usage patterns.

       II. Sample Preparation

        1. Samples must be clearly labeled & presented as dry pellets in microfuge tubes (1.5ml) to DSL by 10.00am on the day of the run.
        2. Your samples will not be run if you do not comply with the above mentioned guidelines.

      III. Data Retrieval, Analysis and Printing

        1. Data downloading, sequence viewing & analysis:Users are to download their data from the computers designated for data analysis & downloading.
        2. Printing: Users are to print their data in their own labs. The software required: Software from ABI: Sequence Scanner Software v1.0
          Chromas Version 1.43:
          4Peaks (Mac Users):

      IV. Billing

        1. flat-rate of $2.30 per sample will be charged.
        2. Periodic billing will be sent to the PIs. They will be given a week to clarify/seek changes. The billing will have to be signed and returned to DSL staff.