Part C


  1. Warnings will be issued to your PI’s research laboratory (not the individual violator) if you do not comply to the guidelines.
  2. Your laboratory will be barred from using the sequencing facility for a period of 3 months if you receive 3 warnings within 6 months.
  3. Users will be given a chance to explain before any warning is sent. 
  4. Table below lists the types of violation and number of warnings you will receive for each violation.
No. Types of Violation Warning
1. Working on computer during data collection i.e. computer hangs leading to loss of/incomplete data.                         2      
+ replace sequencing reactions if the computer hung

Run by non-registered users.


Fail to end your run in time, causing delay to the next run.


Last minute cancellation or no show on run date


Deletion of any file/folder from the hard disk.