Plant Growth Facilities

The department has two outdoor garden areas, one greenhouse and fourteen environmental growth chambers for cultivation of plants for research and teaching. The two outdoor gardens are 1300 m2 and 760 m2 in area, respectively. These are suitable for tropical plants under full sun or shade, including crop plant cultivation in beds or growth of aquatics in concrete tanks. The greenhouse is on the rooftop of a building and with about 270 m2 in area, is suitable for growing research plants under shade and requiring precise watering and fertilization regimes. There are 14 Sanyo Growth Chambers in Block S1A Basement Growth Chamber Room. Each unit has a capacity of 294L.

They can be independently programmed for different temperature and lighting. A new rooftop coolhouse for growing plants such as Arabidopsis is about 50 m2 in area. The temperature is maintained at 23°C ± 2°C and the relative humidity measures about 70 %. There are currently 14 stainless steel culture racks with 3 shelves each equipped with fluorescent tubes. All these facilities are utilized by the academic staff, undergraduate and graduate students for the cultivation of research material for studies in biochemistry, conservation biology, ecology, insect toxicology, molecular biology, plant pathology, plant physiology and systematics.