Guidelines for the Users Who Perform Their Own Run

    1. Booking

         1. Sequencers available

        • Two 16-capillary sequencers (ABI 3130xl Genetic Analyzer), labeled 3130A & 3130B
        • One 96-capillary sequencers (ABI 3730xl Genetic Analyzer), labeled 96-Cap
        • You need to have minimum of 48 samples to use 96-capillary sequencer

    2. Priority & usage limits:

      • 3130A & B (Cater for ‘light’ users) 96-Cap (Cater for users doing large scale sequencing & fragment analysis)
        First-come-first-served basis
        Simultaneous booking of 3 sequencers on the same day from the same PI lab is not allowed
        No usage limit per week

        These rules are subject to change depending on the usage patterns.

            II. Operating the sequencer

            • Only trained staff and postgraduate students registered with DSL are allowed to operate the sequencer. Other users will have to be trained by their respective laboratory representatives. DSL staff will only train representatives of laboratories where previously no member was trained. The names of these (new) operators will have to be registered with us first prior to their use of the equipment. NOTE: Honours and UROPS students are not allowed to operate the sequencer.
            • Purchase your own 96 well plate (ABI, Biogen or Research Instrument) and HI DI formamide (25ml) ABI, [Part no. 4311320]. Other consumables will be provided by DSL.

            III. Data retrieval, analysis and printing

            • Data downloading, sequence viewing & analysis: Users are to download their data from the computers designated for data analysis & downloading.
            • PrintingUsers are to print their data in their own labs.

        The software (from ABI) required are:

              • File deletion: Files will be retained in the DSL computer for a maximum period of one month, after which they will be deleted by DSL staff without warning. Users are not allowed to delete any files/run folders from the hard disk. Deleted files/run folders will be taken as cancelled/no show and PENALTY/WARNING will be issued.

           IV. Billing

              1.  Cost:

              2. Periodic billing will be sent to the PIs. They will be given a week to clarify/seek changes. The billing will have to be signed by PI and returned to DSL staff. 

        • 3131A & B 96-Cap

          Flat-rate of $27.20/slot

          1 slot =16 samples

          Minimum 48 samples: $81.60

          49-64 samples: $108.80

          65-80 samples: 136.00

          80-96 samples: $163.20

          Cost/sample: $1.70