Interactive FCS Tutorial - Imaging FCS

FCS requires a small observation volume to fluorescence intensity fluctuations caused by single molecules. In confocal FCS this is provided by the laser focus and the confocal pinhole. In camera based imaging FCS the limitation of the observation volume is achieved by the finite extent of the pixels (or group of pixels) on the camera chip and a laser illumination that provides intrinsic z-sectioning. The z-sectioning is achieved either by a thin light sheet generated by a Selective Plain Illumination Microscope (SPIM) or the exponentially decaying evanescent wave generated due to Total Internal Reflection (TIR). This CDF file aims to provide some demonstrations for Imaging FCS and how their parameters change with the properties of the system. The Wolfram CDF player needs to be installed to view CDF files. The CDF player can be downloaded here.
  • NUS
  • Biophysical Fluorescence Laboratory