CBIS Confocal: Leica Cryostat 1850

Cryostat 1850


The Leica CM1850 cryostat design incorporates emphasis on power savings, increased efficiency and operator safety. 

LocationCBIS Confocal Microscopy Laboratory
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About the Leica Cryostat 1850

The result is a versatile cryostat with an optimized cooling system, rapid specimen freezing and smooth specimen orientation for the high-quality sectioning demanded in routine histology and clinical pathology. Up-to-date technology with an ergonomic design – for faster and safer sectioning.

  • The Leica CM1850 is a powerful cryostat for rapid freezing and sectioning of tissue samples.
  • Preservation of enzyme activity for enzyme histochemistry and antigenicity for immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization.
  • Retention of substances that is soluble in routine processing solutions, such as lipids.
  • Preservation of cell morphology without exposure to chemicals and/or heat.
  • Can be performed on fixed and unfixed tissue specimens.
  • Section thickness setting 1 – 60 μm; Specimen feed 25 mm; Vertical stroke 59 mm; Maximum specimen size 55 x 55 mm