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CBIS is a multi-disciplinary research group bringing together people from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering and Computer Science. Our aim is to develop fluorescence, single molecule sensitive imaging and spectroscopy techniques and make them accessible to a wide range of users. Our research is centred on the investigation of biomolecular actions and functions under physiological relevant conditions to gain insights into important biological questions.

About CBIS Facilities

CBIS’ offices and labs are located on levels 1 (labs) and 2 (offices) of building S1A (view campus map) and are designed to enable 80-90 faculty, staff, and students to engage in interdisciplinary interactions through the application of open lab and open office concepts. To encourage maximum exchange of ideas, individuals from different labs are assigned at random to a lab bench and desk.

Cryoelectron Microscopy Facility

The CBIS Cryoelectron Microscope Facility is a prominent member of a select group of state-of-the-art, high-end cryoelectron microscopy facilities in the world. By minimizing EMI, reducing relative humidity to 30%, and together with the exceptionally quiet acoustic and low mechanical vibration levels, all microscopes in the facility are able to easily reach designed performance specifications. From this perspective both FEI and JEOL have informed us that the Centre is among their best TEM installations world-wide. Find out more about the Cryoelectron Microscopy Facility.

Confocal Microscopy Laboratory

The Confocal Microscopy Laboratory is located at Blk S1A, #03-07 and #01-01 (CBIS lab), Department of Biological Sciences, NUS. The lab is equipped with several imaging systems which have different designs and configurations to meet variable research application requirements. Learn more about the Confocal Microscopy Laboratory.

CBIS Laboratory Facilities

The CBIS open labs are located on level 1 of building S1A and have been designed to encourage interdisciplinary interaction between approximately 80-90 faculty, staff, and students. Individuals from different labs are assigned at random to a lab bench and desk to encourage the maximum exchange of ideas. Find out more about CBIS’s laboratory facilities.

Computational Resources

The CBIS computational environment is designed to facilitate the investigators research activities by providing a state-of-the-art High Performance Computational (HPC) infrastructure within the BioImaging Centre. This HPC infrastructure includes all the computational resources necessary to enable the centre’s researchers to effectively measure, mine, model and visualize image and related biological data leading to faster insight. Learn more about CBIS’s Computational Resources.

Administrative Facilities

The administrative offices, carrels, and meeting rooms of CBIS are located in S1A level 2 with faculty offices adjacent to each other and facing a central space of carrels for 60-80 students and researchers. This close proximity between all students and faculty in “hotel” style space accomplishes two objectives, maximum interaction between CBIS researchers and efficiency in the utilization of space. Learn more about CBIS administration personnel