CBIS CryoEM: Titan Krios

Titan Krios


300kV, FEG, 4k x 4k FEI-Falcon direct detector, and Gatan Tridiem GIF with 2k x 2k post-GIF Gatan CCD

The FEI Titan Krios has an accelerating voltage of 300 KV with a field emission gun. It is mainly used for Cryo-TEM imaging and diffraction pattern with a 4k x 4k Ultrascan camera, US4000 with Gatan Tridiem energy-filter (EFTEM). It can also be used for room temperature and cryo-tomography, able to achieve magnifications of 740K. It has remote computer control.

Recently the Krios has been upgraded with a Falcon II direct detector, which is optimized for low contrast and low dose imaging with 16M pixels. FEI’s direct electron CMOS technology ensures a direct translation from electrons toward the image—without the interference of an optically coupled device. Plus, our ultrathin, back-thinned sensor ensures a DQE that’s over 50% higher at ½ Nyquist than the first generation Falcon and up to 5x better than any regular CCD.

LocationCBIS CryoEM Microscopy Laboratory
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