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Cryoelectron Microscope facility

The CBIS Cryoelectron Microscope Facility is a prominent member of a select group of state-of-the-art, high-end cryoelectron microscopy facilities in the world. By minimizing EMI, reducing relative humidity to 30%, and together with the exceptionally quiet acoustic and low mechanical vibration levels, all microscopes in the facility are able to easily reach designed performance specifications. From this perspective both FEI and JEOL have informed us that the Centre is among their best TEM installations world-wide.

Policies & Fees

FOr use of CBIS Cryoelectron Facility instruments


  • Only independent user who has been authorized by EM facility staff is allowed use the equipment (for both sample preparation and EM operation) by themselves.
  • The independent users can book the equipment through online system for themselves only. For booking rule regarding to individual instrument, user need to check with EM staff.
  • The EM facility working hour is 8:30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Only authorized proficient user is allowed to book on off-hours.
  • User needs to turn up on time for slots as booked. To cancel the booked slots, users should notify EM staff at least 24 hours in advance; otherwise the usage charge will occur as usual for the booked time slot.
  • User should follow the instructions and operate the instrument with great care. User is NOT allowed to change/remove equipment, change configuration or modify computers settings.
  • User and the supervisor/PI will be held for responsibility for repairing cost of any damage due to improper operation and reckless activities.
  • In case of any abnormal condition of instrument, user should stop using the instrument and inform EM staff immediately.
  • User should record time of usage in the log/record book immediately after finish the session.
  • User is expected to follow the safety regulations and wear PPE (labcoat, gloves and goggles) when working in EM facility. Smoking, eating or drinking is prohibited in EM lab area.
  • User is required to clean the workspace and restore the equipment to prior condition after usage. User must dispose the waste properly following the safety regulations.
  • User must work together to maintain a clean and safe lab environment. User is required to report to EM staff immediately of any breakage / spill / malfunction / injury.
  • EM facility will NOT be liable to any injury occurred in EM facility. Users must follow the safety regulation and conduct risk assessment based on their own experiments.
  • The user will be invoiced quarterly for the usage and expected to pay the bill promptly.
  • The user who fails to pay the bill in thirty (30) days from the date of invoice will be suspended for using the EM facility until the bill is cleared.
  • The terms and conditions are subject to be reviewed and revised in future by CBIS management.
  • User is required to acknowledge the use of EM facility in the publications and presentations as follows:

“The authors acknowledge the Cryo-Electron Microscopy Facility at Center for Bioimaging Science, Department of Biological Science, National University of Singapore the scientific and technical assistance.”

  • Scientific and intellectual contribution from EM facility staff, through either collaboration and/or supervision,
    warrants the co-authorship on the resulting publication, e.g. the EM staff, who generates any data used by the
    resulting publication, SHOULD be included as the co-author.


The Facility offers competitive rates for use of microscopes, ancillary equipment and necessary consumables as well as training. Download full rate chart


The CBIS Cryoelectron Microscope Facility offers the use of its equipment at competitive rates. Find out more:

Information for First Time users
Policies and Fees


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Jian Shi, Facility Manager

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